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Comprehensive asset management

Based on card, ABC Wallet manages not only mainstream public-chain assets and token assets issued on the public chain, but also digital assets in mainstream exchange accounts and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) such as cryptokitties.

Comprehensive, user-friendly one-stop financial management

ABC Wallet boasts abundant features and easy interactive experience. It provides one-stop financial services including market quotations, trading, asset management, staking and OTC. ABC Wallet Lite, designed for social use, runs on social networking platforms, saving the trouble of downloading. Wherever you go, ABC Wallet Lite is always with you.

Full-dimension protection by top security team

ABC Wallet's source code has been audited by many of the world's top security companies. Private keys and sensitive information are encrypted with industry-standard algorithms and stored on your device only. ABC Wallet never tracks user behavior. You can rest assured with assets in your hand.

A smooth and delightful DApp experience

ABC Wallet adopts an innovative DApp solution. DApp deveoped based on Web technology offers a smooth experience on ABC Wallet comparable to that on the app. In ABC DApp Store there are 100+ premium DApps waiting for your discovery. In ABC Wallet you can enjoy the cutting-edge technology and explore the mystery of the block.


Asset management

You can manage all your digital assets in ABC Card. Blockchain-based assets, exchange assets, assets in asset management and external debts are presented to you in the form of cards.


Mainstream chain


ERC20 tokens


ERC721 tokens


EOS tokens



Public chain assets

ABC Wallet already supports the management of BTC / BCH / ETH / EOS / LTC / BSV / DASH / CKB public chain assets and the issuance of token assets on the blockchain, and will support all public chain assets in the future.
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Exchange assets

You can directly manage such exchange assets as Huobi, OKEx and FCoin, and trade, deposit and withdraw tokens in ABC Wallet.
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NFT Assets

You can directly manage NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) assets such as CryptoKitties and CryptoHeroes, query NFT asset information, and receive and send NFT assets.
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Add once, once and for all

ABC ID is ABC Wallet’s original protocol for personal data management and local storage. Users can log in to multiple centralized applications (such as Hoo OTC, etc.) with one click, safe and fast, without the need to repeatedly enter personal information.

Asset appreciation
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Gain more assets with assets

ABC Wallet offers Staking services for a collection of mainstream public chains . Upon one click and without withdrawing assets, you can enjoy incremental benefits in your ABC Wallet.

Token Exchange
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One-click exchange for 140 cryptocurrencies without KYC

ABC Wallet integrates the famous encryption exchange platform Changelly. Secure and fast, Changelly does not reveal user identity, and provides the best exchange rate through a reliable trading platform. It has won the trust of more than 2 million users worldwide.

Observation mode

Manage assets without a private key

You can create a card in the observation mode, and query the balance and transaction history of a given address in real time. It is also possible to receive assets from the address without a private key.

Share Crypto

Send cryptocurrency in Giftcard to your family and friends

With the unique Giftcard of ABC Wallet, you can share crypto to your family and friends who do not have an address. The whole process is completely decentralized, safe and fast.


Abundant blockchain DApp

ABC Wallet offers a collection of over 100 interesting blockchain applications covering games, news, the market, financing, social networking, etc.

Application caching mechanism

Faster than faster.

The vast majority of DApps are web-based. ABC Wallet's original DApp caching mechanism increases DApp opening speed by 1000+%. With no need to develop or adapt, DApp on ABC wallet boasts a smooth experience comparable to App.

Running speed in ABC Wallet

Up to 10x faster

ABC Wallet
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ABC Wallet Lite

Running in WeChat and Messenger

Just open a link in your social networking App and then you can receive and send digital currency. No need to install the App. It is user-friendly. You don't need to be tech-savvy. Just open the decentralized ABC Wallet Lite in social networking App such as WeChat and Messenger.

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Security & privacy

Security and privacy come the first.

ABC Wallet's source code has been audited by the top security agency SlowMist. Your private key and sensitive information are encrypted by the industrial standards and stored on your device only. ABC Wallet can't get your private key.

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